Rock, Paper, Shotgun: GamesCom ’10 Report: Day 1

"This was one of the surprises of today. I hadn’t heard of Magicka before, but it’s a Swedish-developed four player co-op game where you all go blasting your way through monsters in a top-down, Diablo style.

It looks just awesome. You all play tiny mages, but there’s no mana and no concrete spells. Instead you just charge up elements (of which there are eight) and let them loose, with different combinations causing different effects, and then choose whether to apply it to yourself, the area around you, your sword or as a projectile.
So, just earth might throw a boulder. Earth plus water would throw mud. Another player could then throw ice or electricity at your moistened enemies. Meanwhile, another player could combine arcane and healing to create a healing beam, except OH NO because that beam touches another player’s plain arcane damage-dealing beam, and since arcane and healing are opposed elements this causes a huge explosion that kills half the team. Cue hurried resurrections.
This game was made for RPS. I can’t wait."