Female Gamers preview: Magicka

One of my favourites this one and described as being ‘an action oriented adventure game filled with magic, set in a Norse inspired fantasy world’.  With a nod also tipped to the tongue-in-cheek style of Terry Pratchett, this is certainly not a title that takes itself too seriously. 

Allowing up to four players to play together (either locally or online), the game sees you take on the role of a wizard trying to master magic as you move through the ‘super-generic’ world around you.  Spells can be combined to great (or disastrous effect) and can be used to vanquish enemies but also solve other problems, such as using ice to freeze a river so you can cross or fire to defrost an ally who has been frozen!

I was able to see a section of the game being played by four people and what’s very clear is that this game is very much about humour.  Friendly-fire accidents, spells gone wrong and tongue-in-cheek dialogue all work together to ensure the laughs are forthcoming.
The game ‘promotes cunning and wits’, encouraging a competitive streak.  For example, all power-ups are temporary and are dropped upon death, so it’s more than likely that you will ‘accidentally’ kill an ally at some point in the game to pick up a revered item!
This is probably my top pick of the titles seen at the Paradox Interactive Convention and I’m really looking forward to its release.