Fellowgamer: Magicka – Hands On

The fantasy genre isn’t the most innovative in gaming. Ever since the beginning, players have been adventuring against Orcs, dragons and wizards, all hell-bent on world destruction and sassy female Elves.

Frankly, it’s about time somebody put the genre in its place, and we know just the studio to do it. Magicka is the debut title from Swedish studio Arrowhead Games, and recently we got to enjoy some co-op with the game’s Director, Johan Pilestedt, to learn what this fantasy mash-up is all about.
Right from the off, it’s clear to see that Magicka is built to be enjoyed with friends, supporting four-player multiplayer both locally and online. The bland visuals might be jarring to some, but it allows the small team to funnel more resources towards creating fantastic spells combining different elements – fire, cold, life, arcane, water, shield, lightning – with the game’s innovative combination system.