4 New DLCs Released

New Player vs Player Maps, Challenges and Robes!

The Final Frontier Pack

This pack contains an all new map, the VulcanusArena, both for the Versus and Challenge game modes. Also included is an entirely new robe and gear. The VulcanusArena is the perfect spot to fight to prove your honor. Wizards who dual each other on this arena and live, often do so for a long time and have a tendency to also do it quite prosperously.

  • New map for the Versus game mode
  • New map for the Challenge game mode
  • Map includes fantastic quality props
  • New sci-fi robe
  • New enemies
  • Type 2 Plastic Prop permanently set to stun and the deadly Duel Staff
  • Increased nerd factor


The WatchTower

The old watchtower was once used to get a proper view over Midgardbut now Wizards have claimed it to settle disputes slightly less petty than the once settled in Aldrheim’sold Training Grounds. This is indeed an epic location for duels and how the wizards get up there in the first place, no one knows.

  • New map for the Versus game mode
  • The absence of a railing on a mountaintop ruin provides new environmental hazard
  • Height differences on the different platforms of the tower also create a challenging playing field


The Frozen lake

Only the boldest Wizards challenge each other on a large body of water, the Wizards inability to tread water is a more common cause of death during these duels than the successful spell casting of the opponent.

  • New map for the Versus game mode
  • Frozen water provides new environmental hazard
  • Contains many different pleasing shades of blue and white


The Party Robe Bundle

Castle Aldrheimproduced these robes for wizards who like to travel in a group. Whether they quest, grind raid or duel in the arenas, these robes are sure to give the group an edge. Only a wizard that trusts his “friends” would bring a Party Robe to a duel.

•Tank Robe can take a lot of punishment and help his “friends” get an upper hand on the situation.
•Rogue Robe is mostly nowhere to be seen in a fight, but now and then, he strikes from the shadows.
•Support Robe makes sure his groups spell casting is at its best.